Client Reviews

Beautiful Design Begins with Caring for People

KDG’s strategic growth as a team is directed by the primary value we place on relationships, expertise and integrity. Our firm’s unique commitment to a positive, customized experience ensures our clients’ satisfaction in every stage of the building process, not just in their final result.

Kennedy Family

We wanted a space that was beautiful, but functional. I knew the style we like and the general concept we wanted, such as the number of bedrooms, a first-floor master, one large open space for kitchen and living room. I did not, however, have a complete vision of how I wanted this to all come together. And that was definitely where Keiser Design group came in! They designed a space that encompassed all of the elements we requested and more. Their attention to detail was beyond what I ever expected. They took the time to look at our land and how and where the house would sit on the property. The finished product is truly perfect. After a year of living here, I can truly say I would not change a thing.

Gillispie Family

We didn’t really know what we wanted; we gave KDG a few concepts and ideas and they brought everything into a unified and unique design. We are unbelievably amazed at the results; gorgeous and beyond belief!

Bieser Family

Keiser truly cared about us as people. We can’t imagine a home fitting our lifestyle and the way we live any better.

Maple Family

Our builder suggested KDG. We clicked with Dan from the first minute we met him. We had a decent idea of what we wanted—it was fun talking through our thoughts, and then seeing Dan and Vince get excited with us and expand on our thoughts.  The design/build progress with KDG was great from start to finish. I just told my wife last week that we could not have designed this house any better. There is not one room that we walk in and say we wish we would have done it different. The basketball court turned out much better than I could have imagined. We wanted to make the court part of our living environment, and KDG helped meet that goal. We could not be happier with the way things turned out. That is an awesome feeling after the time and investment we put into the project.

Cindy Philips at Grace Christian School

Working With Dan Keiser and his team was pure joy! Dan is gifted creatively to see details outside the box and yet create a “masterpiece” that meets the needs of the client. He is very keen and sensitive to meeting budgetary issues and does all that he does with the highest level of integrity.

We are now seven years into our building expansion and the quality of Dan’s vision continues to bless us and provide the environment we need for our students, teachers and families. I highly recommend Dan Keiser and his design group!

Weaver Custom Homes

Keiser Design Group designed our 2010 BIA Parade Home that was built in New Albany. Their expertise and knowledge of the design style and the details that should be in a home design for the New Albany Country Club area was invaluable. The KDG team was professional in working with us throughout the design and approval process for our 2010 parade home. The home design was awarded 12 awards in numerous categories, one being a Gold Award for exterior architectural design.

Sycamore Creek Church

Ken and the whole team answered any questions we had. They gave great insight and created a space we desired. They were very prompt and detailed. They provided exactly what we wanted—we wouldn’t change a thing. We now have a tool to make “church” happen on a daily basis. It allows us for future growth within our offices as well as future buildings. Our staff loves it!

Smith Family

Dan really took the time to explore a lot of different options and possibilities with us. He did an incredible job taking fragmented pieces of what we wanted to achieve and putting them into a layout that captured it all. The layout and flow of the house is open and totally what we had envisioned. We love our home now!