Senior Living

Quality Senior Living Centers That Serve Your Community

We are here to help you stand out in the Senior Living market.

The expanding regional demand for quality senior living centers offers an exciting opportunity to serve your community. By partnering with KDG to design your new senior center or improve an existing facility, you can make the most of this opportunity with a distinctive suite of services that fits within your budget, while satisfying the many regulations and safety standards established for facilities in this industry.

From initial vision to finished project, our Designed for You process empowers you to make your mark as a signature provider in this growing market.

Partner with our Team of Experts
With a team that includes industry experts with nearly 40 years of experience in senior living/nursing care facility development, KDG is uniquely equipped to offer guidance to those just getting started in this industry. From exploring demographics in your target area to assessing your competing providers, we ask the right questions to help you develop your vision.

We provide Industry Know How
We can help you navigate the changing rules and regulations within local building codes specific to your state and city. With the rapid growth of the senior care industry, many of these codes have been modified to require updates and renovations to existing facilities. A walk-through assessment with KDG will allow you to formulate a plan of correction to satisfy new requirements or, in some cases, to apply for a “grandfather” exemption in the event that renovations are not financially viable.

Our Proven Process is designed for you
Our “Designed for You” process is as far as you can get from the “cookie-cutter” approach typically deployed in senior care facility design. We do not use formulaic prototypes or “customize” templates. Instead, we work one on one with each client to develop their vision, determine their needs, and define their project through the unique community they hope to serve.

We offer a customized approach
Our collaborative, relationship-based approach places high value on local identity, specific demographics, and the insight offered by professionals within the senior living industry. By talking with managing directors, nurses, caregivers and research doctors, KDG helps you uncover the important issues within your market and differentiate your service through design-based solutions.

Our Business is Built on Partnerships
Our strong relationship network allows us to engage contractors (builders, interior designers, etc.) early in the design process. From construction to signage to color palette, we partner with other experts in the elder care industry with the goal of saving costs on your project while ensuring integrity from start to finish.

Your vision is our priority
Our advanced technology suite provides state-of-the-art visualization aids such as 3-D modeling and flyovers that greatly assist with raising capital and cultivating your target market. We can also help expanding companies identify areas that have a need for occupancy, and advise on matters such as land acquisition, renovation strategy, and brand identity.