Designing a Firm Foundation

We are a team of dedicated individuals, united by a passion for architectural excellence.

  • Exploring the Art of Residential Architecture: Defining Spaces for Living


    We combine beautiful designs custom-fit to your lifestyle with creative solutions that accommodate any budget, space or time constraints.

  • Commercial

    From ground-up builds and to creative space renovations, our wide experience and strong local network ensure a strategic design and a seamless process.

  • Mission Minded

    From faith-based institutions to service-focused nonprofits, we are proud to partner with organizations who aim to make a difference in our community.

  • Schools

    We are dedicated to crafting inspiring and functional learning environments that shape the future of education.

Welcome to the Keiser Design Group

Keiser Design Group is a Columbus, Ohio based group of architects, designers, and thinkers operating within the field of architecture, renovation, and development. We strive to unravel the complicated chaos that is design in order to create a simple, collaborative relationship with each client. Whether it is renovating an existing space, or realizing a whole new vision, our team is here to lead each project efficiently and effectively. Since our beginning in 1995, KDG is proud of its diverse past and looks forward to new and exciting opportunities to come.

What Our Clients Get when working with us:

  • Designs that fit their unique needs
  • A worry-free and uncomplicated process

"We now have a tool to make 'church' happen on a daily basis. It allows us for future growth within our offices as well as future buildings. Our staff loves it!"

Read the Case Study

We didn't really know what we wanted; we gave KDG a few concepts and ideas and they brought everything into a unified and unique design. We are unbelievably amazed at the results; gorgeous and beyond belief!
Gillispie Family