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Great Design Begins with Great Relationships

When Dan Keiser founded Keiser Design Group in 1995, his aim was to merge his two passions — architecture and relationships — in a way that redefined what an architecture firm could be. Dan knew that if caring for people was the foundation on which his business was built, designing beautiful, functional spaces would be the natural outcome. Though his unconventional approach surprised people at first, his insistence on partnering with clients as collaborators and co-visionaries steadily built his firm’s reputation for offering a positive, client-focused experience.

By surprising clients with a collaborative, relationship-focused approach, KDG has created a process that is ideal for a diverse range of needs. This model began to show that it’s possible to satisfy clients through each stage of the building process, not just with the final result.

Through the years, KDG has evolved into an architectural group specializing in the ground-up design of residential and commercial buildings, as well as the design of renovations and installations in pre-existing properties.

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