Daniel L. Keiser, NCARB, AIA

Principal Architect

Dan’s passion for architecture began at a young age, thanks to his carpenter father who introduced him to the world of buildings. At the tender age of 10, when asked about his future aspirations, he confidently declared “Architect.” His childhood love for creating and building, often expressed through LEGO, laid the foundation for his lifelong passion.

Dan pursued his education at Kent State University, earning a Bachelor of Architecture degree. Within our firm, he thrives on the most exciting aspect of his job—interacting with people and assembling creative teams to bring architectural visions to life. His ability to collaborate and lead is instrumental in the design process.

On the weekends, Dan’s ideal way to unwind is by being with his family. His love for creating extends to the bonds he shares with loved ones, making every moment spent with them special. Dan’s passion for architecture and his dedication to building strong connections make him an invaluable member of our team, continually shaping the future of our designs.