Kendra Soler

Project Manager

Kendra is driven by a profound desire to instigate positive change in the built environment, not only for her own community but for many others as well.

Kendra pursued her education at Miami University, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture, and later at the University of Michigan, where she attained her Master of Architecture degree. Her academic journey equipped her with the knowledge and skills to make a lasting impact in her field.

Within our firm, Kendra finds the most captivating aspect of her job in the power of relationships and visual communication. She excels in building strong connections with clients and colleagues while using her creative prowess to transform ideas into compelling visuals.

On the weekends, Kendra’s ideal way to unwind is by spending quality time with her family in the sun. Her dedication to both her profession and her loved ones makes Kendra a vital asset to our architectural team, where she consistently brings fresh perspectives and a commitment to positive change to every project.